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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Baby toys first 3 months

Baby toys in the first three months should match his or her abilities. So what abilities does he or she have?

Your baby can't see clearly anything which is further than 12 to 15 inches away but they can easily distinguish anything which is less distance than that. Your baby likes bright colors but is not so good on delicate pastel shades. They like curves but are not so fond of sharp edged objects. They don't like loud noises because they frighten them but they love the soft tones of voices particularly their mothers. Babies hands will want to investigate the objects around him or her but they won't be able to pick them up in the first few weeks.

So which babies toys can meet these abilities?

In the first few weeks a musical mobile will fascinate your baby particularly if it is brightly colored. It will also add soft music to lull your little one to sleep. Mobiles can also be used in the car. Whilst baby can't see out of the windows a car mobile will keep them interested whilst they are awake and the movement of the car normally sends them straight off to sleep.

Your youngster will spend most of their time when they are not in their parent's arms lying down in the crib or pram so a playmat will add a colorful alternative. It will also give baby their first experience of touch. Most play mats are brightly colored so once again the little person will be fascinated by the colors.

Once your baby starts to explore with their hands a soft book will have a number of advantages. Firstly it gives baby and mother the opportunity to bond whilst mum "reads" the book to their child. Secondly baby can feel the book and the different touch it has to the sheets and clothes it is used to. Babies experience will also be enhanced by seeing animals or household objects in fact there are soft books about almost anything.

So you can see there are lots of baby toys which can help your babies development in sight touch and sound.