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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Do you have bad months?

For me May is the most expensive time of the year apart from Christmas. My daughter and sister in law have their birthdays on the 13th, my wife has hers on the 22nd, my son has his on the 25th, my ex-wife has hers on the 27th and my sister has hers on the 28th. It used to be worse my late dad's birthday was on the 9th. So you can see I have to start saving for May just after Christmas.

This year my daughter organized a family birthday party on the Sunday before her birthday and all the family were invited. This included my grand-daughter Rosie Grace (9 months) and my great-nephew Johnie (18 months) and both had the time of their lives being spoiled by their relatives (including me).

Of course there were lots of presents given and in particular there was a present which my daughter in law Emma had wrapped up for Rosie to give to her aunt. I don't think Rosie quite understood the instructions. She spent half an hour trying to eat the present.


Dennis Buckman said...

I wish I could share some of the wooden toys my Dad built before he passed away. You also have some wonderful work here that should be publicized...

hategan2005 said...

Great, well organised, clean blog. congratulations for the blog. Can i help you in any way ? i Saw that you also recieved an offer from someone about some wooden toys. Do you like wooden toys so much ?

Mohd. Fahmi said...

Interesting family you have dude :D

But hey, at least you have the festival twice a year :D

Nice blog.